Thursday, May 29, 2014

From Stills to Motion: The Struggle of Making a Video Case Study

Creating a video of a project just from pictures can be a struggle.  But it can also be fun. Take a look at the video:

In the case of the Zynga case study, I was given a few pictures that showed a fun and bright workspace that SideMark, in partnership with NicholsBooth, had created. Zynga was a particularly special case because the client didn’t quite know what it wanted.  This left SideMark with the struggle of pinpointing an intangible feeling.
photography by Jason Madara

photography by Jason Madara

The purpose of the video was to give a visual aid to showcase what SideMark has done and can do for past and future clients.

I struggled with taking the still images and turning it into a video. But the struggle was worth it because, in the end, I added a new program – After Effects – to my skill set. After Effects was a challenging program to use. There were other programs (Adobe Flash, Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, etc.) available to me, but we decided, as a team, that After Effects offered the best solution. Creating this video taught me a lot and I found it really interesting watching still images come to life through motion along the way. 

Besides learning a new program, coming up with the storyline was also a struggle. I wanted the video to flow like a story but still be peppy and have pizazz, like Zynga. This pizazz was the thread that tied the entire video together. The image that really caught my eye was the panorama of the Zynga cafeteria, which is also why it is the longest segment of the video. I loved the way it really showed all angels of the cool and creative workspace, and I wanted the viewer to see it as if they were standing in the middle and looking around the room.

photography by Jason Madara

The biggest challenge with creating this video was to identify and be consistent with the style that SideMark created for Zynga and not go overboard with the funkiness. I really wanted the video to be an extension of the workspaces, without being too formal or too quirky. I made quite a few versions of the video before finally landing on the one that felt right for us as a marketing team. By the time I finished the final version, I had upwards of 10 versions of the video, from the initial version that was more of an experimentation of effects to the final one that showcased the Zynga story. The project evolved from what looked cool to what ended up becoming the best story. I learned that you can’t be too emotionally invested in any step of the evolution, because sometimes you just need to scrap your idea and start again if it isn’t quite working

The best part of creating this video was learning to do something new. I love learning new tools and discovering new ways to do something. For me, showcasing Zynga in the video was a great way to play around with creativity and to explore new tools and create something that I have never done before. Now I am a better designer, and more importantly, a more effective story teller.

About the Author:
Jennifer Herald, SideMark Graphic Designer, comes to us with an open mind and a willingness to learn. She recently graduated from San Jose State with a B.A. in Design Studies, and a minor in Advertising. Jennifer is starting her graduate studies in Advertising in Fall 2014. 

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