Friday, April 5, 2013

Getting Our Heads Around Big Data

Illustration courtesy of Doug Wittnebel, taken from GenslerOn
Doug Wittnebel, the principal and design director for Gensler’s San Ramon office, recently shared his observations on how "big data” is changing the way we work and do business. These are critical questions for the design industry and our clients; here at SideMark,we’re focusing a lot of attention on
the future of technology and how it will integrate into furniture and the built environment.

Doug explains the concept of big data in layperson’s terms, which I appreciate, and I especially like his illustrations. You can find the full post here.

— Randy Horton


About the Author:
Randy Horton, SideMark Owner and CEO, founded our company in 1984, providing space planning and facilities consulting services to the fast-paced companies of Silicon Valley. He is a licensed Interior Design professional and a member of the International Interior Design Association. In 1986, he repositioned the company to focus exclusively on contract furnishings. His quality leadership and broad background continue to imbue SideMark with the unique ability to integrate all the complex aspects of today’s workplace environments. To contact Randy, email him at

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