Friday, February 15, 2013

To Park...Or Not to Park...That Is The Question.

Inevitably, all roads lead to Rome. But in the meantime, for SideMark Business Development, all roads are leading to downtown Los Angeles…and to the Armageddon that is the lack of affordable parking. For years I have been finagling, negotiating, conspiring and evaluating the meters, valets and lots of the concrete jungle.

I found a perfect slice of parking paradise on 7th and Grand…right next door to the delectable (but decibel-challenged) Bottega Louie. This beautiful eye-sore complemented my budget and vehicle for $7 (cash only unfortunately) for all day parking. Quite the deal I must say. However, the Four Horsemen of the Parking Apocalypse visited my site recently as bull dozers and cranes proceeded to rip up the silver pavement and all its gloriously yellow-lined spacesin order to build…another building (very creative). That said, it was time to man-up. Time to move on. It was me not her. She needed a little space (pun intended). Time for a rebound. I had bigger fish to fry.

I found her. Over lunch with my Teknion associates, I heard whispers and rumors of much more accessible parking. More approachable. Parking that liked my car for who it was. She wasn’t interested in my bank account. Didn’t really care what car I drove. She was cheaper. This is what I needed. A quick one-day stand at a new space. Something to take my mind off 7th and Grand. Nobody really knew about this parking. It was like the Easter Bunny. The Leprechaun. Keyser S√∂ze. The Ogopogo (cryptid Canadian lake monster not unlike the Loch Ness). Yesterday I visited her…and like a siren she called to me. She was everything I was looking for…and more. Located at 524 South Flower Street, the key to this relationship is its proximity to the Los Angeles Public Library. Once you obtain a coveted library card, LAPL will validate your ticket. Not only do you get a cheap, clean and safe space right in the heart of downtown…you also get to appear erudite by entering and exiting a public library. Validated in my new relationship, I will share all relevant information.

Go on, give your parking a makeover, borrow a book…and don’t forget your validation.

The Details
Patrons can receive reduced-rate parking with validation at the Westlawn Garage (entrance at 524 S. Flower St.), located underneath the Central Library. To obtain validation, visit the Library Information Desk (first floor) and present your LAPL library card. The validation is a barcode imprinted on the parking ticket. Note that validated rates are only available during library hours - you enter or leave when the library is closed, you're out of luck.

- John Harrington


About the Author:
John Harrington, Senior Account Developer, has over 10 years of experience within the Architecture & Design community in Southern California. John has a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Louisville.

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