Monday, February 11, 2013

Making the Play: SideMark Wins Teknion's Orion Award

1000s to entertain 99  employees to showcase  10  days to write, shoot and produce  5  locations throughout California 4 brilliant PianoFight videographers 1 Teknion Orion Award for SideMark     

SideMark started off the new year with an exciting honor: we received Teknion's Orion Award recognizing SideMark as their best dealer of the year. As the winner, we had the opportunity to create a video to be shown at the North American Dealer Summit, but the clock was ticking. A 10-day turn-around time for production was no easy task, so SideMark reached out to PianoFight Productions for assistance. A two-hour brainstorm determined the direction and we were off and running. Our sports center spoof, complete with Superbowl commentary (minus the 30 minute black out), was a crowd pleaser. Grab some popcorn, prepare to be entertained and GET IN THE GAME!

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