Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Cult(ure) of Personality

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Early in my career, as a junior architect/consultant for a very large bank, I attended senior executive meetings where I witnessed positioning, bullying, cajoling and deflecting that were largely aimed at assigning or avoiding blame. It is no surprise that this attitude trickled down through the organization, resulting in projects that took longer, cost more and looked pretty vanilla. About the same time, I was working with Apple while they transitioned from “legacy” Steve Jobs to John Scully to Gil Amelio and I noted the subtle changes that occurred in design and project management where I was most active.

In 2004, I worked with Google (pre-IPO) and spent a reasonable amount of time with Larry Page and Sergey Brin. These young men were curious, principled and intellectually rigorous. That translated into a drive to do the right thing, fast. Of course money and time factored in, but the desire to innovate and question assumptions is what created the desired results.
Today,  SideMark is engaged at Yahoo! After a 16 year partnership, we are working to “re-make” the campus. With Marissa Mayer as the new CEO, there is a desire to “try something new.” It’s opened up. While too early to evaluate results, things are changing. You can just feel it.

-Bryant Rice


About the Author:
Bryant Rice, Vice President of Strategic Accounts, is our Workplace Warrior. He deals out strategy, perspective, and opinions. Bryant brings over 30 years of experience to SideMark as an architect, planner, workplace strategist, facilities manager and furniture manufacturer. Bryant holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology as well as a MArch and MBA in Architecture and Business Administration from the University of Illinois. To contact Bryant, email him at bryant_rice@sidemark.com

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