Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Furniture Geeks

It’s interesting having recently returned to the “furniture world” from a more strategic consultancy. I’m back in the midst of people who specialize in designing, scheduling, installing and “punching” furniture. Like San Francisco foodies, they are incredibly invested in the materials, the methods of combining products, the aesthetics of the “plate”, the ingenuity of the designer (chef) and all other components of housing the modern work force.

At a recent furniture show, you could see my colleagues crawling all over an installation, noting the manufacturers’ labels, but also the bolt sizes, connector types, weld quality, steel thickness and other arcane aspects of the construction and assembly of furniture. And while our clients may not share this fascination (dare I say obsession) as much as we think they should, I am happy to have these folks watching my back. Their experience and passion for all things furniture means we maximize the flexibility, durability, reconfiguring our services as well as the product, that our clients’ purchase. So ask me anything, just give me time to consult my team.

-Bryant Rice

About the Author:
Bryant Rice, Vice President of Strategic Accounts, is our Workplace Warrior. He deals out strategy, perspective, and opinions. Bryant brings over 30 years of experience to SideMark as an architect, planner, workplace strategist, facilities manager and furniture manufacturer. Bryant holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology as well as a MArch and MBA in Architecture and Business Administration from the University of Illinois. To contact Bryant, email him at


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